Miguel Mejia Ramos-Wanted in the slain of wife, Deisy Garcia and two daughters.

Miguel Mejia-Ramos-killer

According to cops, the man in the picture is Mexican 22-year-old Miguel Mejia-Ramos who is wanted in the killing of Deisy Garcia, 21, and the couple’s two daughters, Yoselin, 1, and Daniela, 2, at the family’s apartment on Sutphin Blvd.

The mother and her daughters were found dead in a bedroom Sunday with multiple stab wounds at about 7 p.m., cops said.

The bodies of 1-year-old Yaslin Mejia and 2-year-old Daniela Mejia and their mother, 21-year-old Deisy Garcia, were discovered in a bedroom of their Queens apartment by other household members on Sunday night.

The mother and 2-year-old were stabbed multiple times in the torso. The 1-year-old was stabbed repeatedly in the chest; police sources said cops found five knives.

Miguel Mejia-Ramos-family

The horrible crime scene comes after the wife, a Guatemala native, had lodged two domestic reports against Mejia-Ramos, on May 30 and Nov. 28, 2013. Both were for harassment, cops said.

Ramos who is 28-years-old is considered a suspect in the case and is known to drive

a white 2001 Chevrolet commercial van and a white Dodge Suburban.


According to several news outlets, Ramos is a violent man; describing in one incident, Deisy’s husband kicked her in the head while she was in bed. In another, he pulled her hair during a verbal dispute. She refused medical attention after both incidents.


Miguel Mejia-Ramos is described as a man with a “bad attitude” according to friends of the deceased. The NYPost reports the young mother even tried to seek for help from her abusive husband by telling her church pastor about her difficult home situation. The victim, Deisy, who was an immigrant from Guatemala was very religious and attended the Queens church Iglesia Naciones Unidas en Cristo.

People who knew Ramos’ wife from church, say she seamed happy, always helping at church events and always with her two little girls; but during a recent church event organized by Garcia, Ramos was seen arguing with her.

She didn’t take any action at the time because of her legal status, a church friend said.

Family who shared the apartment where she and the little girls were found, said Ramos didn’t spend much time with them because he worked all day.

Although police has yet to name a suspect, Miguel Mejia-Ramos is till on the lookout for questioning.

Payers to the family.