Michelle Kujawa – Officer Manager/ Bachelor in Paradise Contestant


According to spoilers on The Bachelor in Paradise, we’ll find major drama when it comes about 26-year-old Anaheim, CA resident Michelle Kujawa! Reports say the pretty gal quits the show!

At least that’s the word online! And we have the details! Get this, Kujawa leaves –or is kicked out, is not clear yet –because she gets caught having *** with the sound guy.

Reportedly one of the producers was coming to talk to Michelle but and caught the crew member in her room. The sound guy panicked and jumped off her balcony in an attempt to escape but reportedly broke his legs or feet. Wow!

According to one of her Facebook profiles (she has a couple) she got engaged to  Bachelor Pad’s Juan Barbieri (pictured below) on April last year.



Michelle’ stint with TV started in 2010, when she first appeared on the show. She also participated on Bachelor Pad and on this year’s Bachelor in Paradise.

As one of the 25 contestants who competed for the heart of Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. She claims that she came on the show to marry Jake and to have babies with him right away. Michelle –who works in sales –stayed until the third episode of The Bachelor in which she became part of the group date at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and we all remember how bad she did! After that she was criticized for her complete lack of a sense of humor.

michelle-4PinAfter all that humiliation, she did some interviews and appeared on The Ellen Show with Ellen DeGeneres –where Ellen said her favorite moment was when Kujawa asked Jake if she could kiss him, then after a way too long lip lock, complained to Jake about the kiss, which is what led quickly to her eviction. Ouch! 

As one of the cast members of the first season of Bachelor Pad, where she competed with other contestants from the franchise for $250,000. She was, however, eliminated in the first episode of the competition; and all points out she will have the same luck on The Bachelor in Paradise.


In addition, she will also appeared on this weekends’ WIPEOUT. She posted on Facebook saying

From Bachelor Pad to WIPEOUT. Maybe Jill Wagner will be handing out roses this time around?

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