Michele Fitzgerald NJ Bartender in Survivor

Michele Fitzgerald

Michele Fitzgerald is the stunning bartender from New Jersey who is currently one of the contestant on Survivor Kaôh Rōng. Michele is a member of Beauty tribe. Would you like to know more about pretty eyes Michele? Check the rest of this story.

Michele Fitzgerald

24-year-old Michele Fitzgerald from Freehold, New Jersey was born May 5, 1998 to Linda and Ralph Fitzgerald. She said three words to describe her could be adventurous, quirky and charismatic; Michelle likes to travel, read and practice rock climbing, she finds inspiration in the Harry Potter movies, not because she likes magic, but because she thinks bravery is a quality that describes Harry Potter.


“His character chose bravery in the face of darkness and adversity. I appreciate anyone who overcomes obstacles without pitying themselves for being dealt a bad hand. Plus, magic.”

Ms. Fitzgerald attended at Monclair State University and although her bio on ABC said she is a bartender, she also is a travel consultant for Liberty Travel. Michele has two siblings, Joe her brother and sister Kim.

Michele Fitzgerald Survivor Michele Fitzgerald family

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