Melissa Lindgren–Teacher Arrested for Misconduct with Students




Does the picture above looks like someone who would be arrested for molesting boys? Well, you better think that answer; meet Melissa Lindgren, she is a teacher in Fullerton, California who has been arrested for alleged sexual contact with according to reports, two male students and charged with several felonies.

Melissa who is an eight-grade teacher in Fullerton, California, has pleaded guilty to molesting two boys in her classroom. The naughty teacher who was arrested on Friday, allegedly abused two young teens and then sent them nude photos of herself.

The 28-year-old from La Mirada, California has worked out Nicolas Junior High School and the boys involved are rumored to be her eighth graders. She has worked at that high school for six years so who knows how many other boys have been her victims.

School officials are now working with cops to determine whether any other children were affected by her behavior. The NewYork daily news reports Superintendent Bob Pletka told CBS Los Angeles,

“I believe that it was more than a single incident. I do think it was over some period of time,”

“Ultimately, we will pursue termination, and it is an administrative law judge who makes that decision. But she will not be teaching with our kids at our district,”

Lindgren not only molested the children but also engaged in sexting with them, sending explicit pictures. She was charged with child molestation, child annoyance and dissemination of harmful matter to a minor.

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave. She was booked and released after making $100,000 bail, she will be arraigned on April 9.

Online Records list Melissa to be 33-years-old, related to Lisa Lindgren, Lance Lindgren and Matthew Lindgren who is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

There is no further information on her background or other biographic details.