Melanie Solis : Face Transplant victim Richard Norris’ Girlfriend


Meet Melanie Solis, the girlfriend of Richard Norris, a man you might remember better after suffering a terrible accident that blew up half of his face in 1997.

We are used to read about Norris and his health updates or like the GQ story which talked about his reconstructive surgery in 2012 but now we want to tell you about what appears to be his happy ending.

After Norris accidentally blew off his nose, cheekbones, lips, teeth and jaw with a shotgun he was left so unrecognizable that he rarely ventured outdoors and was plagued by suicidal thoughts.

After awaiting for 15-years, in 2012 he had one of the world’s most advanced face transplants and now slowly but surely he is putting his life back together.


Melanie’s guy was first called a miracle after surviving the terrible accident that left him disfigured and scarred for life. But in 2012 he was called a human experiment. Ashamed of his appearance, Richard became a hermit, living for nearly a decade on a foggy mountaintop in rural Virginia with his parents. They covered the mirrors in the house so Richard wouldn’t have to look at his hideous face. He stayed in his room even to eat, wore a black mask on the rare occasions he came out.

But all that is a thing of the past after he underwent the procedure that has transformed his life. It’s been only two years since his new life began and the 39-year-old seems to be wasting no more time.


Pictures below show Norris as a young man in 1993 and as he appeared just before surgery in 2012.


The pretty blonde also has some skeletons on her closet. Although nothing like the traumatic injuries Norris suffered, she went through a dramatic makeover herself. Melanie used to be a size 18! She lost 130 pounds and is now between 2/4 sizes! The prove? See below the amazing before and after snap!


Hard to believe is the same person right? Well she is. She is also the mom of two adult children; Joshua Matthew and Ashley Solis.



According to a LinkedIn profile, Solis who is a resident from Covington, Louisiana is in the Hospital & Health Care industry. For the past five years she has been working at the St. Tammany Parish Hospital.

According to media reports, Solis who is 43-years-old got in touch with Norris via email after reading about his ordeal. She told The Sun: ‘I see Richard as having a beautiful, kind heart on the inside – and he’s a hottie on the outside!

You can find her on Facebook here.