Megan Tomlin- Splash Contestant Dan Osborne’s Girlfriend/ Baby mama


Meet 21-year-old Megan Tomlin, the ex-girlfriend of The Only Way Is Essex star, Dan Osborne.

The former couple Hunky Dan Osborne and his ex-girlfriend Megan welcomed their little bundle of joy into the world last December.

Dan and Megan dated on and off for around 18 months before splitting last year. Although it was reported they have remained good friends and they were spotted having dinners together after the split.


Megan and Dan have definitively kept close to each other and Dan has been very supportive of her.

A few months back  the sexy Splash star said he couldn’t wait for the little tot to arrive.

“I’m excited. I can’t wait for him to be here now.”

He also admitted he wasn’t happy that he was no longer with his baby’s mum, Megan.

“I never thought I’d be having a baby with someone I’m not with and it’s not a nice feeling,”


The Splash contestant Osborne posed for a string of pictures with his three-week-old son Teddy for OK! mag. He also revealed he was in tears after missing the birth of Teddy, Dan, who was making a personal appearance at a club in York, when Megan went into labor, said:

“As soon as I got the call I drove so fast while listening to it all happening on loudspeaker.

Megan is a primary school teacher, graduated last November, just in time before the birth of her baby-boy.


She was in labor for about 45 minutes and revealed during the recent interview

He’s really good. I didn’t think it would come as naturally to him as it has. I couldn’t do much for the first three days, but Dan was so hands-on.

The 22-year-old, told OK! magazine

“The second I laid eyes on him, I loved him more than I’ve loved anything in my life. People say you can’t explain the feeling and it’s true. As soon as I got there, I gave Meg a cuddle and picked up Teddy and just held him for ages.”

Pretty brunette Megan split from Dan last April before discovering she was pregnant, but the way they spend time together it seems like there could be a reconciliation, don’t you think they should get back together?

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