Who is the Married Man Mark Anthony’s Ex Wife Dayanara Torres had an affair with?



Singer Marc Anthony and ex-miss Universe wife, Dayanara Torres are having a major disagreement. According to online reports the Puerto Rican 39-year-old is trying to get the father of her two children, Marc Anthony to shed some more money her way. According to TMZ she is trying to increase her child support payments because she is reportedly so strapped for cash she had to sell her home and now she’s living with the 2 kids in a hovel of an apartment in the San Fernando Valley. But legal docs show Marc’s side of the story to be very different.

He said his ex was cast out of her home because she was having an affair with a married man and the wife of the guy took to the sidewalk “with a bullhorn yelling ‘whore’ for the whole neighborhood to hear.”

Did 45-year-old Latin singer and Grammy Winner just revealed that Dayanara, has been publicly shamed due to an adulterous affair she’s been having? It appears so!

In happier days, Torres and Anthony were married from May of 2000 until early 2004 when Dayanara filed for Divorce. The couple have two boys together aged 13 and 10.


So who could be the guy responsible for Dayanara to leave her cozy home? Who was she having the affair with? There is now word on his identity yet and in fact she is denying the whole thing. The beauty queen says her finances went south but Marc says is her own fault.

Marc who is worth some $40 million according to celebritynetworth, is refusing to throw on $100, 000 more because he fears his kids could be spoil rotten .

Dayanara has been romantically linked to actor Terrence Howard, the couple were in a brief relationship in 2005 and later she dated Prison Break’s actor Amaury Nolasco.


The couple started dating in 2007 but after a year they decided to split. At the time the couple announced

“After being together for a year, we have decided to end our relationship. We will always have a lovely friendship and share great love and respect for each other,”

Do you think the former 1993 Miss Universe had an affair?

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