Marcus Twine Survivor Sandra Diaz Twine’s Husband

Marcus Twine

Marcus Twine is the awesome husband of reality TV contestant and winner, Sandra Diaz Twine –best known as a two-time Survivor champ.

Ever since his wife became the only two-time winner in the show’s history, you probably thought this woman must be special and your probably right. But also she has some special people around her starting with her husband.

Let’s rewind for a bit, during her first season, Survivor: Peal Islands in 2003, Sandra set out to prove she could play a tough game for herself and her kids.

At the end, she also managed to inspired women all over the world to keep pushing forward and advocate for the things they want the most in life.

Sandra went back ‘in’ for season 20, Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains in 2010 –where she also became the Sole Survivor.

With his wife’s Survivor record, is no surprise she is currently a competitor on Survivor: Game Changers.

Sandra is a Fayetteville, NC native who was born July 30, 1974. She received an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Fayetteville Community College in North Carolina.

The wife and mom of two worked as a senior office associate with the Army and Air force Exchange Service. She previously served as a chemical repair specialist with the United States Army. She also previously worked in the mailroom of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.


Hubby Marcus Twine is in the Army. In 2010 it was reported he was son his third tour of duty with the Army in Afghanistan.

In 2013, Marcus Twine made the Sergeant Majors List. According to his LinkedIn he is currently a Brigade Operations Sergeant Major and has been serving in Fort Gordon, Georgia since 2015.


Marcus Twine and Sandra are the proud parents of two daughters, 21-year-old Tatiana and 19-year-old Alanna.

Tatiana Twine works at Old Chicago Fayetteville while Alanna studied at East Carolina University.
Will his wife’s skilled gameplay and philosophy work a third time?

You can check out Marcus Twine on Facebook here.