Louise Gabryszak- Ex- NY Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak’s wife



Meet the wife of former member of the New York State Assembly, Dennis Gabryszak.  We say former because by now we’ve all heard of his shameful and forced “stepped down” a couple of days ago after

multiple sexual harassment complaints were made against him.

The 62-year-old who announced Sunday he was stepping down from the Legislature for the reasons we’ve all heard, held the position for eight years from 2006 to 2014.

You have to wonder who was by his side during those eight years and even more, during his entire career? That person would be his wife, Louise Ann Gabryszak.

Being a a member of the assembly is not an easy job but like any it gives the power to do many good and bad things unfortunately. Louise’s hubby downfall is not really a shock but instead is the never ending story of making bad decisions during that stage of a man’s life if you know what I mean.

According to records online, Louise Gabryszak is also found under aliases: Louisa A Gabryszak and Louis Gabryszak. The 61-year-old is listed to be currently living in Depew, NY.

On  the former assemblyman’s Facebook page we found over a thousand pictures and none to cero with his wife of  more than 38 years, which tells you right away something is wrong here. The couple have two children, Brian and Jennifer. Unlike her husband, Mrs. Gabryszak is a very private person, unfortunately there is not much information about her.

dennis gabryszak son

dennis gabryszak-children

Brian is the big brother and Jennifer is married to Ephraim Singh Atwal. The couple have one child together. According to zoominfo Louise Gabryszak is a legal stenographer. She worked for The Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo, Inc.,

Louise ann gabryszakThe buffalonews reported Louise’s husband, was accused of sexual harassment by former legislative staffers on December 2013, a month after allegations surfaced that portrayed him as a serial sexual harasser of female members on his staff; her hubby quitted.

In a written statement Sunday, Gabryszak said there was “never any intent on my part” to sexually harass any members of his staff, and he denied allegations that he ever made any request that “sexual contact should occur.” He said there was no sexual contact with staffers and that some of the allegations made against him are “demonstrably false.”

What would you do in Louise’s position?

You can find her on Facebook under Ann Gabryszak here.