Lisa Smith: Missing Hollywood Exec Gavin Smith’s Wife



54-year-old Lisa Smith always knew something awful had happened to her Fox Executive hubby Gavin Smith, who suddenly disappeared in 2012 and remains of his body have been recently found.

Gavin, 57, was last seen on the night of May 1 at a friend’s home in Oak Park. He left the residence in his black Mercedes-Benz E420 sedan between 9 and 10 p.m. The 6-foot-6 former UCLA basketball player was last seen wearing purple pants and black and gray shoes.

Two years after going missing, in May 2014, a death certificate was issued for Smith, with the death officially recorded as May 1, 2012 – the day he disappeared.

on October 26th, police confirm the body that had been found on a shallow grave by hikers was the one of Lisa’s husband. Back in 2012 she said during a heat breaking interview:

“I know him well. There’s nothing on earth that would keep him from coming back to take care of his family,” says Lisa. “I just don’t picture him walking in and saying, ‘I’m sorry; I just needed a breather.’ I’m prepared for the worst.”


Lisa an accountant,  suffered two enormous tragedies before she met Gavin almost 24 years ago. According to the Daily Mail reports form last year her sister drowned on an adventure holiday in Northern California, then her first husband died in a motorbike accident just six months after they married.

She reported him missing the following day when Gavin failed to pick up their eldest son, Evan, to take him to school, as he had promised to do.

In June of 2012, police found Smith’s black Mercedes Benz 420E at a Simi Valley storage facility that belonged to John Creech, which appeared to be a significant lead. Authorities searched the home of Chandrika Creech, a woman with whom Gavin was alleged to have had an affair and the wife of John Creech, an admitted middleman in L.A.’s illicit drug world.

However, frustrated police said that while they had a number of leads in the investigation, they did not have enough evidence to lay charges and the absence of a body was a significant hole in the case.


It took several months for Lisa Smith to accept the marital problems she and her husband were going through at the time of his disappearance. She spoke about his infidelity and drug abuse but said she kept quiet only out of respect for her children. According to the Gavinsmithfamily site, the couple had been married since 1989.


Lisa is the mother of the couple’s three sons, Evan, Dylan and Austin. She talked about her husband’s double life which played out in the public eye after his disappearance and said to be devastated. She said during an interview to Inside Edition in late 2012

“I love my husband,” “The not so pretty aspects, I would have preferred to be kept to myself… he didn’t mean for this to happen. For him to disappear off this earth… I’m devastated. I’m a mess. My hair’s falling out. I’m losing weight trying to support my family.”

According to her Facebook, Lisa Dobson Smith is the owner of Howley Homestead, a company in Keaau, Hawaii.


Her son Evan Christian Smith (pictured above), attended Calabasas High School and currently works at University of Southern California.


Lisa’ son Dylan (pictured above) attended Moorpark College and currently lives in West Hills, California.


Her son Austin (pictured above), goes to Calabasas High School, and he is currently in a relationship according to his Facebook page.