Lenny Robinson – Batman Impersonator

RIP Lenny Robinson

Lenny Robinson, better known as man who wore a Batman costume and drove a Bat-mobile visiting sick children at hospitals, died over the weekend!

We first heard about him in 2012 when Robinson was pulled over in Silver Spring, Md., in a black Lamborghini and full superhero costume. The video of his encounter with police, who had pulled him over because of a problem with his plates, made him an instant sensation on the Web.

The viral story was even talked about on TV by Jimmy Fallon, and the world learned who Lenny Robinson was. From there it was born “The Route 29 Batman.”

Robinsons own personal mission consisted on visiting sick children at hospitals, he handed them out gifts including books, rubber symbol bracelets and other toys, all Batman memorabilia.


Lenny was a father of three adult children, he lived outside of Baltimore, according to Super Heroes for Kids, Lenny was a self-made success. The website explains he sold a commercial cleaning business that he started as a teenager making enough money to buy his own Batmobile, a costume and toys to give to the kids.

Robinson worked closely with Hope for Henry, a D.C. organization that helps sick children. His interest in Batman began through his son Brandon, who was obsessed with the super hero as a child.


The 51-year-old was born Leonard Brian Robinson on September 28th, online records show he worked at Baltimore Jewish Times. According to his Facebook page, he was ‘Super Heroes for Kids’ president and also president and CEO at LBR Enterprises INC. He attended Pikesville High in Baltimore, Maryland.

Lenny is survived by his three sons: Jake, Brandon and Justin Robinson.

Reports say Mr. Robinson came from a car show in West Virginia when his Bat-mobile broke down. He apparently had problems with the engine and his car stopped, Lenny was checking what the problem was when he was hit by another car and was pronounced dead at the scene.

We send our condolences to his family and friends.