Laurent Claude Gaudette Ariel Winter’s Boyfriend

Meet Laurent Claude Gaudette

Laurent Claude Gaudette is the boyfriend of Modern Family actress, Ariel Winter. Talking about young and hot couples!

18-year-old Laurent and 17-year-old Ariel have been dating for the past two years and the pair is looking more in love than ever! They began dating in late 2013.

Earlier this year the pair got all dolled up to attend her school’s winter formal dance in February. Fast forward to May and they went hand in hand to Ariel’s prom. Laurent Claude Gaudette and his gal looked dashing from head to toe for the special occasion.

The teen couple also gets to go to Hollywood parties, they’ve been seen at red carpet events and we can say they are certainly not scare to show some PDA.


But whether high school or Hollywood stuff, Laurent Claude Gaudette has nailed both. By now he is used to the more important events, he is a singer-songwriter and describes himself as a producer and artist as well, on Instagram.

Gaudette looks like a romantic guy, when Ariel turned 17 back in March, he posted quite a heartfelt tribute to Instagram. “With you, I promise to share unfiltered honesty and infinite loyalty because you don’t deserve anything less. I can’t wait for what is to come in the future. What can I say? You’re nothing less than amazing! I love you!”


Back in August the young actress talked to Glamour about her breast reduction surgery and said Laurent Claude Gaudette was part of support system saying: He and my sister were there for the surgery and in the recovery center.

Ariel confessed she had been suffering from neck and back pain which ultimatley led her to make the decision.

And to be honest we don’t think Laurent Claude Gaudette is complaining, now Ariel can wear all the fitted outfits she wants, just like the white bodycon dress she wore over the weekend for a family wedding. Of course her beau, was there as the perfect arm accessory.

Laurent and Ariel both were students at the private Campbell Hall in Studio City, Calif.

You can find Laurent on Facebook here.