Laura Fink- Mayor Bob Filner’s Accuser!

laura fink-bob filner-accuser Within the first women who stepped in to accuse San Diego’s Mayor, Bob Filner of his sexual harassment and completely immoral behavior we found Laura Fink.

Laura is a political consultant founder and owner of the political organization that bear her name, Fink & Hernandez Consulting LLC located in the San Diego.

Laura gave an interview describing a scene where the 70-year-old inappropriately joke while patting her “posterior” at a fundraiser during the time she was working for him. Laura attended Wellesley College from 1994 until graduating in 1998. She is a member of the Run women run Association according to her LinkedIn profile.

She worked as an account manager for three years at Micro Strategy. Then moved on to finance director for the-ironically-Bob Filner for congress campaign. In 2006 she worked for five months as a finance director for Arcuri for congress.

As a consultant, she assists political candidates and groups, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and labor unions with civic engagement, public policy, and creative funding strategies. Her experience ranges from facilitating multi-million dollar campaigns for national political candidates to helping local nonprofit organizations with strategic planning.

Laura learned the significance and strength of collaboration through her political experiences. She directs political and fundraising strategy for Congresswoman Susan Davis (D, CA-53), and has served as the political director of the Congresswoman’s 2008, 2010 and 2012 campaigns. Currently, Laura is working on the Congresswoman’s 2014 campaign, and is orchestrating a variety of constituents and issues that result in another successful bid.

The English Literature and Political Science graduate came forward as the second woman speaking about the mayor’s out of place sexual advances. The shameful incident took place eight years ago according to Fink’s side of the story when she worked as a staffer for the, then congressman. She provided an email where she tried to address the unfortunate thing with the mayor. Devine justice you think??

laura fink email to bob filner

Laura’s other roles include fiscal, fundraising, communications, and event responsibilities for prominent campaigns such as Hillary Clinton for President, Bob Filner for Congress (D, CA-51), Todd Gloria for City Council, and Marty Block for State Assembly.

Laura is also proud of the funding she helped to raise to propel Congressman Mike Arcuri (D, NY-24) to victory in a District previously held by Republicans for over 60 years.

You can find Laura Fink on Facebook here. Good for her!