Kimberly Bird: California Package Thief


Meet 27-year-old Kimberly Bird, the woman who is accused of stealing a package from the front door!

Bird was arrested in North Stockton for outstanding warrants. On Dec. 11 she was caught taking a package in the Brookside West neighborhood.


Seeing the footage, we can see the woman wearing black boots and black jacket going up to a residence on Boulder Creek Circle, and stealing a package right off the front porch. She then runs back to a waiting truck and quickly takes off!

The homeowners had installed a surveillance camera that caught the “Grinch.” Police then posted the video on YouTube and quickly got a tip-off to get the perpetrator! Investigators then located the white truck and the rest is history. The Stockton Police Department then flashed her photo on their Instagram account.

A LinkedIn profile under Kim Bird from the Stockton, California Area says she’s in the Information Technology and Services.