Kim Martin: Reeva Steenkamp’s Cousin


Meet Kim Martin, she is the first cousin of the late South African model Reeva Steenkamp. As we all know, Pistorius was found guilty of the culpable homicide of Ms. Steenkamp last month, but was cleared of murder to the shock and disgust of many. It is day 3 of sentencing hearing and Kim Martin was up to talk in court next.

Pistorius faces up to 15 years in jail, although the judge may suspend the sentence or impose a fine. BBC reports say.

Ms. Martin was the first prosecution witness as they outlined their case for Pistorius to serve a jail term for the killing.


During the hearing, Kim spoke of fond memories she has of Reeva and told everyone how she hoped Oscar would be cheating on her cousin so he had shot somebody else.


Kim was on her car that fatal morning, she listened on the radio how the Olympic runner had shot his girlfriend.

As Kim took the stand and began to talk, she described how the loss of her cousin has affected her family. She spoke of how Reeva was the first baby she ever held and had such a special relationship with her. With a breaking voice she recounted facts of her cousin, including how Reeva supported her parents financially, how good of a daughter she was, kind, nurturing person.



Kim also told the judge, that her uncle and aunt – Reeva Steenkamp’s parents – could not testify in person because they feared they would “lose it” on the stand.

As Kim spoke about Reeva’s life, Oscar broke down and Ms. Steenkamp’s father, Barry, wept.

It was clear Ms. Martin had a special bond with the gorgeous model and law graduate. It wasn’t easy to face the jury and talk about somebody you love but someone had to do it.

Kim resides in Cape Town with her family. She is happily married to Dion Martin, pictured below.



The couple enjoys traveling and hanging out with family and friends. Her husband is the owner of Digital Print Solutions located in Cape Town Area, South Africa. Dion is a 4th Generation Printer with a passion for people and technology.

According to its website, Kim’s husband established Digital Print Solutions in 2002 with 1 computer and 1 printer, today they have grown into a company with clients in most major centres of South Africa. They offer a wide range of digital printing service.

According to his LinkedIn, Dion previously worked as an account exec at Creda Communications.

You can find lovely Kim on Twitter here, Facebook here.