Kelsey Poe: Austin Teacher/The Bachelor 19 Cast


Meet pretty Kelsey Lyn Poe, she is one of the ladies seeking to get Chris Soules’ alone! But Kelsey stands out form the bunch of women in line to meet and get a chance with the season 19 bachelor.

The 28-year-old was born Kelsey L. Persons; she currently works as a school counselor, on her spare time she enjoys writing and yoga.

Kelsey has a particular story that might affect her stay in the show. She is actually a widow. Kelsey who hails form Grand Rapids, Michigan but currently resides in Austin, TX.; was married to musician Sanderson Poe.



Last year she and her hubby celebrated her graduation from UT Austin where she got her Masters degree. Her hubby had a very successful career in Europe according to one of his obituaries. He came back to the U.S and the couple tied the knot in 2009. Her hubby age 42, died suddenly last year.


There is also a Facebook page to connect the community, families and friends of her late hubby to share thoughts, recollections and memories. You can see a toast Kelsey did on her hubby’s memory.

Is it perhaps too early for Kelsey to get romantically involved?

Find her on Facebook here.