Kelly Baldwin- ‘N Sync Joey Fatone’s Soon to be Ex-wife


Well it seems like another split in the Hollywood couples is stirring up, yep we are talking about Kelly Baldwin and former N’Sync member Joey Fatone! The couple have managed to keep it under wraps allegedly being separated since February! But Star Mag is reporting the couple’s split is a done deal with Kelly even dating someone new already! Think the wife and mom of two got tired with Joey behaving like a bachelor in his gig at DWTS?? What can we say, a woman can take it till a certain point right!

After going through the craziness of N’sync when they were in their late teens the couple managed to stick together and eventually married who would have though they are calling it quits now huh! Kelly was really patient with Joey who was known to be a big flirt.

Ok, now let’s be real, of course it’s a shame they couldn’t work thing out I mean she was his longtime girlfriend and he finally decided to make it official after 10 years of dating! Their story began around 1995. The couple got hitched on September 9, 2004. Let’s go on memory lane and remember about their good times. The pop star-turned-DWTS contestant finally popped the question to high school sweetheart Kelly in Orlando but it was far from your usual proposal! Fatone went above and beyond to make that moment very special to her! Baldwin had always wanted to be proposed to at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, where she had never been, so he brought the 88-year-old Greco-Roman structure to her, in the form of a billboard about 56 feet wide and 20 feet tall that he set up in front of his house.


The ceremony took place in Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York; Kelly and Joey exchanged self-written vows in front of an altar covered in ivory roses, calla lilies and hydrangeas. Joey cried throughout as he told his wife, “I always wanted a family and now I have one.” But those memories are long gone!

Kelly-Baldwin-Joey-Fatone-wedding day

Kelly and Fatone who first became parents, then lived together and years later got married have been through a lot even though they were just married for about nine years they have been together for a long time! The couple first became parents when Briahna Joley was born on March 21, 2001 and on January 11, 2010 their second daughter Kloey Alexandra came to the world.


Kelly who’s motto once was “stay as close as they can together” is allegedly dating someone new; the soon to be former ex daughter-in-law of Phyllis Fatone and Joe Fatone Sr. will split from hubby after almost two decades together.

So you think the couple will go through it?