Kassandra Kass McQuillen California Attorney/ Survivor: Cagayana Contestant

Kassandra Kass McQuillen survivor cagayan

Check out Kassandra McQuillen aka Kass McQuillen, she is the attorney/ mommy from California currently competing in Survivor Cagayan, she might be one of the oldest competitors in Survivor, but don’t underestimate Kass, she is quite tenacious.

42-year-old Kassandra McQuillen doesn’t mind about people thinking she doesn’t have hat it takes to win Survivor, she is used to be underestimated, but she also finds people’s poor judgments about her to be resourceful in her behalf, because  when they least expect from her the best time for her to attack and conquer.

Maybe we need to tell you that this mother of one graduated from law school at the same time she was working full-time, without any court experience whatsoever,  Kass won won $1.2 million in her firs trial,  what about that???

Kassandra was born on November 27, 1971, she resides in Tehachapi, California.

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