Juliette Norton chef Jamie Oliver’s Wife

Meet Juliette Norton

Juliette Norton is the wife of celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver. Her husband is known as the Naked Chef, the name of his first TV show.

Now, almost two decades later, Oliver is known for his many TV shows and numerous bestselling cookbooks.

The chef and TV personality had ‘great timing’ after he ‘happened’ to walk by Westminster shortly after it had been revealed a levy on the soft drinks industry, which is expected to raise £520m.

But his coincidental appearance on BBC News just minutes later seemed just a little too hard to believe for some online users.

Juliette’s hubby certainly shared his enthusiasm about the sugary drinks tax that will be introduced in the UK in 2 years, when he did a somewhat joyful but bizarre sugar tax dance.

But before he created his food empire, there was only, Juliette Norton also known as Jools Oliver.

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Juliette Norton met Oliver in 1993 and tied the knot in 2000. The couple comes from the same area in Essex and met when they were both 17. She was the youngest of three daughters of stockbroker Maurice and his wife Felicity. Her father, suffered a stroke when she was nine and died after another stroke in 1997 when she was 22.


It’s been widely known Juliette Norton worked briefly as a model before becoming a TV researcher. However she states, she has done modeling shoots but only as Jamie Oliver’s wife, not as a professional mannequin. She later put her career on hold to become a wife and mommy.

In 2008 she published her first book for children, The Adventures of Dotty and Bluebell. The mom of two, at the time, said one of the reasons why she decided to write the book was her frustration at not being able to find simple, well-written contemporary stories that would resonate with her daughters Poppy and Daisy. Since then, the couple has added two more children to the mix.

Juliette Norton and Jamie welcomed another daughter, Petal Blossom, and son, Buddy Bear.

Talking about motherhood and being the wife of a famous chef, she said

‘I accept that I’m lucky, but I don’t think you need endless money to make a nice life for
your children. I’m sure millions of people would tell me that’s true. You can live in a council tower block and still have wonderful ethics – read your children stories every night, take them to places like a farm at the weekend. If Jamie and I lost everything, I would still raise them in the same way. I’m just a normal mum,’

While her overachiever husband, keeps his various business interests going, Juliette is the boss at their home. She looks after the children and the house. But not everything has bee ‘a piece of cake’ for the former model.

The mom of four was featured in the series Jamie’s School Dinners, but told Mail Online she regretted being so open in front of the cameras and now avoids them.

In 2011 she was asked to participate in the design of a clothing range for under-fives for Mothercare. In 2013 the lovely Juliette Norton, launched her third Little Bird collection, becoming quite the businesswoman.