Jordan James Parke: Kim Kardashian Super Fan Spend $150K To Look Like Her


Meet Professional Makeup Artist Jordan James Parke, the British man who allegedly spent $150,000 to look like reality TV star Kim Kardashian!

Now, we know some people will go very far to look like their favorite celebs and James is a perfect example! In fact, the 23-year-old takes the price as the first dude to conduct such a transformation! And we don’t mean it in a good way at all!

Reports say, Parke who hails from Manchester, England, has undergone Botox procedures, lip-filling surgery, laser hair removal and eyebrow tattoos.


And the radical alterations to his face have left him looking more like a duck!


Jordan is not only all about Kim, looking at his Twitter, he is also a loyal fan of model Kate Price and has a tattoo of Mariah Carey’s autograph on his arm.


But don’t be too worry about him, he is thrilled with the results, telling The Sun, he loves all the attention and that is he was interested in a more natural look, he would ask for his money back.

Any thoughts?

You can find him on Instagram here.