John Dilbeck- Julia Roberts’ half sister Nancy Motes’ Boyfriend


Meet John Dilbeck, a former Chinese restaurant server turned film and TV locations manager and soon-to-be husband of the late Nancy Motes.

After the tragic news of Julia Roberts’ overdosed sister, recent updates say Nancy Motes’ soon-to-be-husband is holding hostage personal items of her late fiancée. Items that according to sources are personal and only belong to Nancy’s family. The new feud between Nancy’s family and John Dilbeck is causing a lot of attention since its believed he could sell photos and a possible private diary, Nancy wrote, to the highest bidder! Since Nancy was not a wealthy woman like her Hollywood-Star sister, this is the only way he could beneficiate from his late bride-to-be.


We all knew the tortuous relationship between half sisters, Julia and Nancy and how Julia never supported her half-sister’s romantic choice by dating Dilbeck. It was reported repeatedly she thought John was after the money Nancy was making as a production assistant for Glee and how she refused an invitation from her sisters’ up-coming wedding to Dilbeck. At the time of the wedding announcement, Julia felt that he was sponging off Nancy’s money and that she will be made to cough up all the money needed for the nuptials.

This because, John who used to worked behind the counter of a Chinese restaurant –Panda Express –at one point of time left his job when he and Nancy moved from Georgia so she could take the job for the hit TV show. During a day of filming on Glee, John thrilled Nancy by proposing to her in front of the entire cast and crew.


The couple who shared a small apartment with Dilbecks brother –Conner Dilbeck, planned to marry this year but Nancy had a different plan in mind. Reports of a suicide note have been reported. A  note found by the EMT told the shocking news of the three page note of rantings that her sister drove her to do this. There was one page to her mom, telling her how much she loved her, and one page apologizing to Dilbeck who, found the her body about 2 p.m. Sunday in a bathtub filled with water at a Los Angeles home. John’s mother is Lydia Dilbeck.

His brother Conner, has defended his brother saying John was overcome by the ‘horror’ of seeing his fiance’s lifeless body in the bath.
John has erased his twitter account, but you can still find a twitter account from Nancy here, on Twitter, she listed her name as “Nancy Dabbs Dilbeck”