Jill Scully: GoPro CEO Nick Woodman’s Wife


Meet Jill Scully, the wife of GoPro’s CEO and founder, Nick Woodman a.k.a the “mad billionaire.” Recent reports say her hubby’s empire might become a potential rival to Apple and drones.

If you haven’t heard their story, Jill who was his college girlfriend has a lot to do with the company’s existence.


Her hubby is known for his antics and eccentricity, but only another eccentrin is capable to understand the kind. According to her Facebook page she attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California and went on to study at University of California, San Diego in La Jolla, California. She met her hubby in art class.


Reports say Jill and her hubby financed the business by selling shell necklaces they bought in Bali and borrowed the rest, now that’s believing in your man! Now, more than a decade later, motherhood might have cooled off the blonde, or not! The couple has two children.


Jill who was an aspiring jewelry designer is credited for making the belts design even cooler.