Jessica Figgy Figueroa Bartender in Survivor 33

Jessica Figgy Figueroa

Jessica Figgy Figueroa is one of the Millennial contestants currently competing against Generation X on current season of survivor!

The 23-year-old lovely brunette hails all the way from Nashville, TN. According to the show bio, she is a Bartender and used the words “adventurous, free spirit, and crowd pleaser” to describe herself.

Jessica Figgy Figueroa –who is half Puerto Rican –is best known by her nickname Figgy –which she got since high school.

She enjoys kayaking, videography, and watching football. She is definitely an outdoorsy type girl.

When explaining what being a millennial was, Figgy was spot on. She sums it alll up by saying “Millennials get stuff done and work hard while throwing a good snap in our stories every now and again.”

Jessica also revealed she left everything she knew to move to Nashville without knowing anybody there. She said even though it was a scary experience she is definitely proud to have conquered the challenge. She expressed her admiration to her mother by saying she learned from her to stand up for herself.

Jessica said she signed up for the show, because she’s ready to take on bigger challenges. She sounded very sure of her performance, saying her mental and physical strength is unreal. She even stated ‘its destiny.”


Outside the show, Jessica Figgy Figueroa is down to ride a wave any day, but she can also be quite sexy when modeling. Figgy has posed in front of the camera looking absolute gorge for clothing line ‘Alpaca de Andes’ –an Ecuadorian clothing line.


Before going on the show, Figgy spoke about the flirty side of being a bartender. She said she wouldn’t know if she was going to play the flirt card or if she was going to try and get the girls onto one side, until she got there.

After watching episode one, we know Jessica definitely chose the flirty side. Think her romance with fellow millennial Taylor Stocker will continue?

Is their love for real or just an strategy?

You can check out Figgy on Instagram here.