Jared James Abrahams- Hacker in Miss Teen USA sextortion busted!


A 19-year-old creep was busted earlier this week. Jared James Abrahams who hacked into several young women’s computers, captured nude images of them and then conducted a “sextortion” scam is also involved in running the federal cyberhacking scam that involved Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf!

His victims extended as far as as far as Russia, and included the states of California, Maryland also Ireland and Canada.

The FBI said; Jared James Abrahams anonymously hacked into the laptops of several young women not only in the U.S. but abroad as well, he took control of their webcams and snapped videos and photos of them while they undressed.

The details get even creepier as the  desperate cyberperv with nude images of their victims in his power threatened to post the private photos online unless the girls sent him more photos or, in some cases, “performed” for him via Skype! His evil plan included transforming a girl’s “dream of being a model into a ****star,” Think it could be Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf?

It turns out Jared and Wolf are both actually from Temecula, California to make matters creepier the two attended the same high school! So basically he knew some of his victims up close!

Jared graduated from Great Oak High School in 2012 and started cyber harassing Wolf when she was miss Miss Teen California, about a year ago. She described back in August when she was crowned as Miss Teen USA how her social media accounts were hacked and, soon after, she received a frightening email with nude pictures of her in her bedroom attached.


Ever since Wolf has made her mission to make sure this doesn’t happen to other girls by talking about her own scary experience and sharing info and tips on how to prevent this from happening.

We can see Abrahams who is a computer science student, being escorted out of court by two women in the images


jared-abrahams-federal casefederal-extortion-charges-jared-abrahams

Abrahams told one of his victims

“I’ll tell you this right now! I do NOT have a heart! However I do stick to my deals! Also age doesn’t mean a thing to me!”

According to reports he had remote control of more than 100 computers! The clearly disturbed young man has been dealing with mental health issues. According to his lawyer  Alan Eisner, Jared is autistic.

Jared turned himself in but in June his home in Temecula was raided by FBI agents seizing a host of electronic equipment, he was charged with federal cybercrimes and released “on intensive pretrial supervision and home detention with electronic monitoring” and a $50,000 bond signed by his parents.

The nightmare is over for his victims now.