Jared Haibon: Restaurant Manager/ The Bachelorette Cast


Jared Haibon is a handsome restaurant manager from Rhode Island, she is one of the 25 guys hoping to get the last rose from dance instructor Kaitlyn Bristowe on the 11th season of the Bachelorette.

29-year-old Kaitlyn Bristowe will have the hardest time deciding to whom she should give a rose to when  there are 25 handsome and eligible bachelors hoping to make all of her dreams come true, at the end one will be left, but who? could it be Rhode Island restaurant manager Jared Haibon?

Jared Haibon The Bachelorette bio

26-year-old Jared Haibon was born in Province, RI to parents Frederick and Nancy Haibon (nee. Bassett)who are also the proud parents of Jared’s sister Shannon.

Jared Haibon mother Nancy HaibonJared Haibon sister Shannon HaibonJared Haibon father Frederick Haibon

Before becoming manager at the Providence Oyster Bar, Jared experimented with his acting skills.

Jared Haibon Kaitlyn Bristowe ImagesJared Haibon red circles

In 2011, Jared Haibon starred as Detective Tom Arnolds on five episodes of the t.v series Red Circles. He also tried modeling, the 6’0” athletic Jared attended John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center.

Jared Haibon Kaitlyn Bristowe pic

No social media for Jared, except for this old MySpace account.