Ivan De Irish- Pimp at the NY Super Bowl Prostitute Ring


Meet 27-year-old Ivan De Irish, the man who was busted for pimping out hookers for a Super Bowl party at a Brooklyn hotel.

Online reports say he landed on the feds’ radar through a web site with the name Black Starr Management which offers “talent” to clients and features photos of women posing seductively in lingerie and G-strings, according to the complaint.

Charged with sex trafficking Ivan, has listed Bridgeport, Connecticut as his hometown; his current city is Washington, D.C. He graduated from Kolbe-Cathedral Catholic High in 2004.

Now here comes the irony, he belongs to the 2009 class of criminal justice from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in 2012 he got his masters in Professional Studies from George Washington University.

The son of a city probation officer and brother to a correction officer in Connecticut, Ivan was released on $100,000 bail on Thursday.



The cornrowed fella, has worked as a client service manager for United Worldwide Sports & Entertainment Group, as a Paralegal/Investigator for Philadelphia Office of the Mayor- O.I.G. and his current job position appears to be Manager at Sports Manager Group World Wide, Inc.

Of course it doesn’t say anything about being a pimp, but according to Special Agent Keri Walden,

De Irish personally delivered three women named “Samantha Staxx,” “Fendi Red” and “Mia Bunny” to the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn after settling on a price of $8,000 with an undercover agent!

De Irish makes it clear to the agent in recorded conversations that the girls were willing to run any perverted play the agent and his pals drew up – as long as they were shown the money.

The reason for the 27-year-old to choose this line of work? De Irish told the feds that he’s unemployed and owes $120,000 in student loans. Talking about desperate measures! He used the cover-up of working as a “Sports Agent” before family and friends.

His Web site – Black Star Management –  shows off dozens of curvy gals with names like “Phat Rabbit” and “Kyra Chaos.”

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