How to Stay Entertained While Waiting for Your Favourite Show to Start

How many times have you found yourself sitting on the couch, channel surfing with a blank stare, simply killing time while you wait for your favourite show to start? Most people have a show or two that they love, watch religiously, and can’t wait until the next episode. But it’s the waiting that can be trying and a real test of your patience. With that said, here are some great ways you can stay entertained while waiting for your favourite show to start.

Online Gaming Does a Great Job of Entertaining

Whether you have a little or a lot of time to kill, online gaming can be a fabulous option. There are plenty of quick, easy, and casual games that are ideal for a round or two or longer periods. You can use your desktop or smartphone to check reviews of online casino Canada sites, play an app-based game or some other browser-based game. You can still have the TV on in the background, watching the screen for when your show starts.

Squeeze in a Little Light Reading

This is also a great opportunity to squeeze in a little light reading. That could be a book, magazine or the latest headlines in the newspaper. If you don’t often have a lot of free time, you’ll probably want to skip the book so you don’t have to try to remember where you left off. Instead, stick to small pieces and stories that you can finish while waiting for the show to begin.

An Excuse to Tidy Up

And since you’re not engaged in what’s on TV at the moment, why not use this time to do a quick tidy up. There’s no need to drag out the vacuum and do a deep cleaning, just a quick tidy up will help keep the room in order and ensure it doesn’t get too messy and too big of a cleaning job.

Catch Up on Emails and Messages

Why not also use this time to catch up on emails and messages you may not have gotten to earlier in your day, or that you won’t get to later on. You can read and respond while waiting, working your way through each correspondence. Be sure to clean up your folders as you go, deleting anything you no longer want or need. This will keep the inbox more organised looking.

Get Yourself a Snack

What goes best with your favourite show? Your favourite snack(s) of course. So before the show starts, this is your opportunity to whip up a little something to eat and drink, get all set up in front of the TV and ready to relax. It’s a good idea to pick finger foods, or foods that don’t create a lot of mess if you plan on eating in front of the TV, that way your focus will remain on the show.

Quick, Your Show is Starting

Each of these tips will help you to pass the time more enjoyably as you wait for your favourite TV show to start.