Genevieve Sabourin-Alec Baldwin’ stalker and Martin Bregman’s mistress!


When actor’s get involved in trials, is just like watching a movie unfold, don’t you think! Is the battle of she said, he said and since they both have some skill in front of the camera who could be telling the truth!

The New York Daily News reports The trial of Alec Baldwin’s accused stalker erupted in pandemonium Tuesday after the tough-guy actor denied they were ever lovers!

Clearly enraged, the Canadian actress, who is in her early 40’s screamed at Baldwin:

“Wow, you’re lying,” “I can’t believe you’re doing that!”

The French speaker has under her name a couple of commercials and advertisement gigs and also a few small roles on T.V and films including, 1998 “Random Encounter”; 2002 Eddie Murphy’s “The adventures of Pluto Nash”; 2002 “Swindle”; 2004 “Eternal”; 2004 T.V series “Temps dur”; 2005 “Saint Martyrs of the Damned”; 2006 T.V series “Vice-Cache” and most recently according to her IMDb profile the 2007 T.V series C.A.

Sadly she gained fame last year but not for her work as an actress, but as Baldwin’ stalker! The two met in 2002, Baldwin was charged with dozens of messages in which Sabourin demanded that he should leave his fiance and marry her instead!

On twitter she says:

Etre actrice, c’est avant tout faire l’apprentissage de sa liberté.Isabelle Huppert

or Being an actress is doing everything before learning of his freedom. Isabelle Huppert

Genevieve Sabourin-facebook

When she appeared out of the blue in March of last year, to pay a visit to Baldwin at his Hamptons residence, she was arrested and later released. The unannounced visits continued and she was arrested and charged for stalking. She was imposed an injunction not to approach the actor.

In court she lost it, The judge demanded that Sabourin be silent, reports say

“Ms. Sabourin, please don’t comment during the testimony,” Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Robert Mandelbaum scolded.

But she wouldn’t have it. She kept the screaming in her attempt to prove there was a romantic relationship between them.

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Sabourin, is charged with 23 counts of harassment and one count of of stalking. She says she and Baldwin were lovers, but the “30 Rock” star who is now married to beautiful Hilaria Baldwin says otherwise.

The trial took a different turn when Baldwin said he had only agreed to meet with the blonde as a favor because she was his friend’s mistress, referring to producer Martin Bregman! And even tears were shed by the actor saying the nightmare has gone for too long!

Wow the things! you hear now a days! So, do you think Baldwin is telling the truth and only meant to “help out” a fellow actor? Or do you prefer Sabourin’s attorney saying, she only sought the actor to get closure of their romantic relationship??

Find her on twitter here or Facebook here.