Genesis Carmona- Miss Turismo Carabobo/ Venezuelan Beauty Queen


Meet gorgeous Genesis Carmona. Nationally she was known as the 2013 Mis Turismo representing Carabobo, her hometown in Venezuela but internationally we got to know her as the stunning girl who sadly has lost her life in the most tragic way. On February 18th, during the social unrest against the government of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, Genesis caught the attention of the world to be bullet wounded by repressive authorities. The name of Gen. Carmona invaded the social networking world because she was named Miss Tourism Carabobo in 2013.

The girl was taken to a hospital after receiving high-caliber bullet to the head and admitted to intensive care where she remained until her death earlier today. Although doctors were able to stabilize the model and student of Marketing, the bullet lodged in her brain.

Read some additional information about Genesis Carmona, the Miss who became one of the most familiar faces for all the unfair reasons in Venezuela.


Genesis was a Marketing student at Universidad Tecnológica del Centro en Valencia “Unitec” but was also making her way into the modeling business.


On her twitter account she described herself as “passionate for life” and she twitted several messages with politic content. At the age of 21, she received the “Mis Turismo” in May last year. She participated in several fashion events including, Venezuela In Moda and Fashion Week Valencia. She had strong believes that led her to join the protest with her fellow students in a pacific way.

In 2010 Genesis Carmona was the frontrunner at the renowned beauty pageant Miss Venezuela but failed to qualify in the contest.

Dramatic images of the 22-year-old were showed by the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal while she was being carried away from the protests in a motorcycle.

Carmona was rushed to the hospital where she presented a bullet wound in the occipital region, which compromises the viewing area, with cerebral edema. Doctors explained after surgery yesterday she was sent to intensive care where she could not recover.

The beauty queen is one of at least five fatalities in the recent political turmoil in the South American country.

You can find her Facebook account here, Twitter account here and Instagram here.

Our deepest condolences. R.I.P. Genesis.

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