Gai Scott- Rapper Benzino’s Nephew who Shot him



By now, you’ve heard 48-year-old rapper better known by his stage name Benzino was shot on March 29, allegedly by his nephew, in the town of Duxbury, Massachusetts at his mother’s funeral.


His shooter, nephew Gai Scott  appeared in court yesterday and entered a not guilty plea but in an interesting turn of events he is claiming self-defense?


Gai is the son of Benzino’s older sister, Maureen Scott 58, and according to reports she is upset over Zino’s accusations and claims and that there are ulterior motives for self promotion on Benzino’s behalf.

Other sources claim the family infighting is said to be over Benzino’s mother’s home.


Gai is a 36-year-old married man and father and he allegedly attended his grandma’s funeral wihtou his family afraid of what his uncle actions. He told police he opened fire on Saturday on a red 2013 Dodge Journey driven by his uncle


“I shot at him, He’s been threatening my life.”

Gai Scott told police told police he had purchased a firearm to protect himself from his rapper and reality television show cast member uncle who had been sending him text messages threatening to kill him in the week before the shooting.

There is a lot of deetails into this story but according to his uncle’s lawyer he is not buying Gai’s self defense claims

I mean, the 36-year-old might have gone a little too far when he pulled out a 9mm Walther pistol from a holster on his right hip and fired it at his uncle; when that weapon ran out of ammunition, Gai who is a legal gun owner, started firing a .45-caliber gun until it was spent. Yikes!

Raymond Scott sustained a gunshot wound to his right shoulder and an abrasion to his back. and Gai was charged with assault with intent to murder

Gai has lived in Boston, MA; Dorchester Center, MA; Milton, MA and currently resides in Randolph MA. His icon-rapper uncle has a net worth of $10 million. Benzino has earned his net worth through his music and publishing career.

What do you think of this family feud? Is there more to it?