Francis-Aung Lu- driver of the SUV, hit the accelerator instead of the brakes Slamming into Students

francis lu-rans over three girls in queens

During a freakish crash, five kids in Queens, NY were injured yesterday when an out of control SUV hit them, even trapping one young girl underneath the vehicle. Close to a dozen people actually lifted up the SUV to free the 14-year-old.

So who was driving the vehicle that hit these kids? It was Francis Aung Lu, who was dropping his child off at the school. He mistakenly hit the gas pedal and hurtled onto the crowded sidewalk; first, it hit Angie, then in the street it hit Marina and Ashley. Lu, said he and his daughter escaped the wreck uninjured.

Lu, given a Breathalyzer at the scene, cooperated with cops and no charges were filed. The driver went on to say

“I have a police report, and the insurance company is working on the matter,”  “I don’t want to comment on anything else.”

40-year-old Francis Lu’s victims where all rushed to the hospital and into surgery with multiple fractures and other serious injuries, according to the devastated family members. The terrifying accident was caught on a security video that showed a Fracncis’ Honda Pilot accelerating as it veered sharply toward the curb, running directly into Angie Pena, 13.

We found a Francis Lu, listed on Linkedin and according to this profile, he is a computer software engineer from the Greater New York City Area. His skills and expertise include Trading Systems, Market Making, Low Latency, Software Development, Electronic Trading, Exchange Connectivity, Equities, Equity Derivatives, Derivatives, Market Data, Distributed Systems, High Frequency Trading, Proprietary Trading, Java, Equity Trading, Algorithms, Design Patterns, Enterprise Architecture, Multithreading, Trading Strategies, Financial Markets, Capital Markets, Prime Brokerage among others.

City Council member Liz Crowley said there was no criminal intent behind the crash, so although the driver is not facing any criminal charges he could still be getting sued!

Don’t miss the pictures and the graphic video below!

We wish a fast recovery to the kids involved.