Felix Bonilla Jr. NJ Blizzard victim Sashalynn Rosa’s Husband

Meet Felix Bonilla Jr.

Felix Bonilla Jr.’s wife and young son’s death have moved the community of NJ. His 23-year-old baby mama and his son tragically died of carbon monoxide poisoning in New Jersey after snow blocked their car tailpipe.

News reports, say Sashalynn Rosa and her son died on Saturday as she, her son and little daughter awaited inside the running vehicle while the children’s father was shoveling around the outside.
According to the Daily Mail, The family of four was driving home to New Jersey. As her partner went down to shovel snow out of their parking spot, she and their children sat inside to keep themselves warm.

Felix Bonilla Jr. got back to the car  between 10 to 20 minutes later to find all three were unconscious inside. Felix Bonilla Jr. immediately checked them and called emergencies.

The young mother and both children were transported to St Mary’s Hospital in Passaic. Sashalynn Rosa and her son were pronounced dead at the scene.

According to her Facebook profile, Sashalynn Rosa went to Passaic High School. She was born in Passaic, New Jersey and was living in Clifton, NJ with her family.

Felix Bonilla Jr. NJ Blizzard victim Sashalynn Rosa’s Husbandsashalynn-rosa-2

Sashalynn Rosa was a young mother of two children. One-year-old son Messiah and three-year-old daughter Saniyah Lynn Bonilla –She was later transferred to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center where she remains in critical condition.

Felix Bonilla Jr. NJ Blizzard victim Sashalynn Rosa’s Husband

Her baby daddy has been named as Felix Bonilla Jr, or ‘Coco’ Bonilla on FB. According to social media, the now single father, works at Restaurant Depot.

Felix Bonilla Jr. NJ Blizzard victim Sashalynn Rosa’s Husband

An initial investigation found it is highly likely the family was poisoned by carbon monoxide because the car’s tailpipe was blocked thus flooding the inside with carbon monoxide.

Felix Bonilla Jr.’s father told ABC news, ‘It’s hard to lose them like that’ adding about the condition of his still alive grandfather,  ‘The doctors say they don’t think she’s going to make it. Doctor says she has a slight chance to make it.

GoFundMe page set up over the weekend, to assist Rosa’s family with burial costs.

We send our condolences to Felix Bonilla Jr. over this tragic accident.