Fabiola Russo- Costa Concordia Capt. Francesco Schettino’s Wife

fabiola russo-Francesco Schettino

Fabiola Russo is the wife of the disgraced captain of the Costa Concordia which ran into a rock and capsized off the Italian coast in January of 2012, killing up to 32 people. Remember that shipwreck?

Russo’s husband, Italian Francesco Schettino was not only fired by Costa Cruises but was accused by prosecutors of causing the accident by sailing the luxury cruiser liner too close to shore. But that’s not all, Schettino was charged with multiple manslaughter and abandoning the ship. During his house arrest, wife Fabiola Russo addressed the media saying

My husband has been transformed into a global media event, unprecedented. He loves ships, in-depth knowledge, has never ceased to study them, wanting to know the limits and behaviour. You are never limited to the helm. For this to his crews have always been a point of reference, a teacher. It is decided, firm and shiny, analyzes situations, understands and knows the deal. ”

Russo and Schettino have been married for years we assume since they have an 18-year-old daughter named Rosella and all three live in Meta di Sorrento near Naples.

Her captain hubby denied any wrong doing and like any good, dedicated and supportive wife Russo stood by him at the time, even when reports about her captain husband had his mistress Domnica Cermotan onboard the Costa Concordia, saying

“Those who know him well have testified he is dedicated to his work and professionalism. This can be demonstrated by his decisive actions which helped limit the consequences of the accident for all the passengers.”

During an interview to Italian magazine OGGI Fabiola admitting her husband made a mistake said

“He wasn’t in charge of the Concordia by chance, he knows how to do his job but sometimes even those who know how to do their job can make mistakes – that’s if he did make a mistake.”

The wife of the former commander of the Costa Concordia suffered the backlash of the media and stress for her husband actions, she expressed to the media

“I am the wife of a sailor, I’m used to do it alone. I face the situations and solve. “

She asserts that her husband didn’t cause the crash. But during her news interview, she kept quiet regarding allegations that Schettino abandoned the ship and failed to evacuated passengers safely.

Good ole wife or bad ole judgment? Think Schettino is the only one to blame for the tragedy?