Euclides Monteiro – Is this Man Madeleine McCann’s Kidapper?



Meet Euclides Monteiro, he is described as the key suspect being in the spot light over Madeleine McCann’s disappearance back on May 3 2007. An investigation is now under way to determine whether Monteiro, took Maddie in revenge for losing his job!

Euclides Monteiro was fired from his job in the restaurant at the Ocean’s Club in Praia da Luz a year before the McCann’s came to stay in May 2007.

Monteiro can not be taken into custody or even be jailed if he should result guilty of kidnaping and ultimately the responsible for killing 3-year-old Maddie because himself is already dead. He lost his life four years ago in what its described as a freak accident. The native of Africa was run over by a tractor at the age of 40 in 2009.

Close friends revealed to the media, he became a slave to heroin, he was in such a bad place in his life, he would rob apartments and would take valuables from rooms at Ocean Club to sell them for drugs.

Police identified him as their main suspect after mobile phone records indicated he was around the McCanns’ holiday apartment in Praia da Luz when little Maddie vanished from her parents Kate and Gerry McCann. The case of Maddie got a lot of media attention and it is believed Euclides might have killed her to shut her up. The investigation of her disappearance was shelved more than five years ago but her case has gotten the green-light from Portugal’s Attorney-General to be re-opened at the request of local police.

Some of the details that have emerged about Euclides who would be 44-years-old if alive include:

1. He worked as a waiter at Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

2. He was 6ft 2in tall, from Cape Verde in West Africa

3. In 1996 he was convicted of theft but escaped deportation after a presidential pardon.

4. He was married to a woman named Luisa and she is now his widow.

5. He was known as “Toni”

6. He was a father of two children. His sister Paula has said:

“It’s ridiculous. He loved kids. He had a son and daughter and would never have harmed a young girl.”

However according to the Mirror, British expat George Burke said “he saw a girl “remarkably like Madeleine” being dragged along a road to Lagos marina at 6am the day after she went missing”

Monteiro was living in Lagos at the time. His wife Luisa who was questioned by police told reporters

‘They are looking for a suspect that can’t defend himself.

Do you think she is right??

The e-fits released for Euclides Monteiro also include those of a white male. See them below!