Erica Garner: Eric Garner’s Daughter


Erica Garner is the daughter of Eric Garner, the 43-year-old black man who died while being taken into NYPD custody earlier this year. Obviously during times of incredible grief, Erica has been seen alongside her mother, Esaw Snipes, following the tragic death of her father, trying to get justice for his death.


After gathering on Bay Street in St. George for a vigil, protesters marched to the corner of Bay Street and Victory Boulevard in Tompkinsville where Garner died and lay down in the road.



Her father is not really a “black and white issue,” and instead blames police officer Daniel Pantaleo in a different manner.



24-year-old Erica Gwenn-elise Garner Snipes, from Brooklyn, rejected the notion that the death of her father was racially motivated, suggesting instead it’s not a “black and white issue” but rather an issue of “pride” or ego for Pantaleo.



“I really doubt it,” she said, “It was about the officer’s pride. It was about my father being 6’4″ and 350 pounds, and he wants to be the top cop that brings a big man down.”

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