Eric Haze: The View’s Rosie Perez’ Husband


52-year-old visual artist and designer Eric Hayes is the husband of actress, director, choreographer and most recently host of The View, Rosie Perez.

Eric’s beloved and famous wife, has already sparked some drama on the show. Reports say 50-year-old Rosie had to apologize on air last week after misstating the Catholic Church’s position on divorcees! Apparently after she voiced her opinion she received a shower of complaints from viewers! However, the rookie host said it’s all part of the job and is not really having sleepless nights about it.

Since we know all about Perez, let us tell you about her also, internationally known hubby!


The New Yorker has over 30-years of experience in the world of product and graphic design.

After spending the early 80’s on the front lines of the downtown New York art scene, Haze opened his design studio in 1986, becoming one of the first visual artists to define the look and graphic language of Hip Hop during it’s golden years.

According to his page, Haze also founded his own eponymous clothing line in 1993, which remains recognized worldwide as one of the original brands that helped create the blueprint for streetwear and urban product as we know it today.

You’ve probably seen his stuff and haven’t even notice, ever wonder who is behind designs for Public Enemy, EPMD, LL Cool J, and the Beastie Boys? That Eric’s some of his most classic works!

Eric owns Haze studios which produces a wide range of design work and collaborations with industry leaders such as Nike, Casio, Honda and Stussy. 2008 also marked Haze’s return to the fine art world with a one man exhibition of new paintings and drawings at the Museum of Contemporary Art / Hong Kong. He is considered a pioneer behind various art forms from contemporary street art to fashion design.


Eric and Perez tied the knot over a year ago, the couple decided to get hitched after attending a boxing match in Las Vegas. The next morning, on September 15, 2013 they said “I Do” at the MGM-Grand. His wife was previously married for a decade to first hubby Seth Zvi Rosenfeld.

Haze currently directs his brand, design and art studios out of their new Brooklyn headquarters. The couple is not seen together that much but you can bet they get exited every time they see a fight!

Find Eric on Twitter here.