Eric Baylor – Tampa Buccaneers Mike Williams´Brother who stabbed Him


Meet 23-year-old Eric Baylor, who is the younger brother of NFL WR Mike Williams and who has been appointed of stabbing his own player brother.

A spokeswoman with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says Williams was stabbed in the thigh at his home.


The Bucs’ wide receiver Mike Williams was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa.

Detectives have identified Williams’ attacker, his own brother, Eric Baylor who allegedly stabbed him with a kitchen knife.

But Eric is not the only one with law issues, Williams himself has been in trouble with the law recently. Reports online remind us he faces trespassing and criminal mischief charges after an incident in December and has had multiple domestic problems, including damaging neighbor’s property.

The spokesperson told the Times

Witnesses said they were horsing around, but the brother was not on the scene when we arrived.

Eric is also originally from Buffalo, New York. He attended Riverside High School and recently graduated from D’Youville College.


Apparently the brother’s who are just 3-years-apart like to play rough. On Eric’s Facebook we found many pictures of his old-partying days.


Although he and big bro might have been just joking and things got obviously out of hand, police is taking the matter very seriously and have issued a warrant for his arrest. Baylor faces charges of aggravated battery and domestic violence.


Eric’s brother Williams, was treated for a relatively minor laceration at St. Joseph’s Hospital and released. Reports of the whole thing being an accident as Eric’s older bro would not press charges have been circling around earlier today, but then again, why would Baylor flee the scene rather than sticking around to explain what happened with Williams?

So what do you think, accident or not really? And if so, why would Eric stabb his brother?

You can find Eric on Facebook here.