Ellis Stevens – X Factor Winner Louisa Johnson’s Boyfriend

Meet Ellis Stevens

Just about any guy would want be as lucky as Ellis Stevens. Why? Well, he is the boyfriend of beautiful and talented Louisa Johnson –who became the new winner of the X Factor!

The 17-year-old blonde, from Essex, showed she has what it takes on Sunday’s grand final and is now the reigning X Factor winner.

According to ITV, Johnson has been singing since the age of 7 and lives with her mum and brother in Essex. Her parents split when she was 3-years-old but they always had her back and encouraged her singing.

Johnson never missed a singing opportunity. According to the Daily Mail, she performed as much as she could since she was a kid. She sang at old people’s homes, friends’ weddings and in pubs and bars to build up experience. It sure paid off!

Louisa who is a college student was mentored by singer Rita Ora.


As for her romantic life; in a recent interview with the Mirror, the lovely blonde said she doesn’t have a boyfriend. When questioned further, Johnson admitted there is a ‘someone.’

She also reveals he, didn’t come to the shows often because “singing and personal life doesn’t needed to be molded into something. You have to keep these things separate.”



Despite their young age, the couple seems to balance their romance and their personal lives pretty well. But, let’s face it, you never know what can happen with young love and as private as they want to keep it, social media never lies.

Back in early November, Ellis Stevens showed his affection and support to Louisa by posting to his Twitter account photos of the couple hanging out together and constantly encouraged fans to vote for his singing lady.

Ellis Steven’s Twitter shows many photos of the love birds hanging out and having fun. They don’t have recent images together but at a first glance it seems they have been dating for a while. The couple have shared many memorable moments together, which makes to believe they are college sweethearts.

Will they stay together despite Louisa’s new fame?

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You can find Ellis Stevens on Instagram here.