Ebony Wilkerson- Pregnant Mom Who Drove Her Children into ocean


Meet the pregnant mother of three who has been charged with at least three counts of attempted murder for willingly driving her children into the ocean at Silver Beach Avenue in Daytona Beach Florida.

The mouth dropping moment where this woman from Charleston, South Carolina and her three children are being dragged into the ocean; were taken by tourist from Canada, minutes later the woman can be seen outside the van as lifeguards try to pull her children from the vehicle.

Ebony’s children; two girls ages 3, 10 and a boy aged 9 are all alive and safe thanks to good samaritans who came to their rescue just as the black 2012 Honda Odyssey was becoming submerged.

In the video, several men frantically try to get to the third and youngest child through the hatchback and the driver’s side door as waves lap over the front of the minivan.



The details of this horrifying moments keep getting darker as we speak. According to police records, she told Volusia County sheriff, she heard demonic voices prior to driving into the ocean.

Wilkerson who prior to her close encounter with death visited her sister’s house, carried on with her plan and  locked the car’s doors, told her children they were going to a “safer place” and also they were told to “close their eyes and go to sleep.”

One of the children confirmed the story. When the children were brought to an area hospital, one of them told police, “Mom tried to kill us.” The 10-year-old said that her mother told her they were going to the beach “so we could die.”
Her children are ok, but we can’t say the same of her unborn child, according to reports, Ebony is 27 weeks pregnant. The children’s father, Lutful Ronjon, has been contacted by police about the horrible incident.

To make things crazier, she was stopped by police who was alerted by her sister, because upon leaving her hours she had been talking about demons. Police then let the woman go on her way because she was lucid enough.

Family members told investigators that Wilkerson was in an abusive relationship and that she had come to Florida to get away from her husband.

Wilkerson who has been under evaluation since the apparent murder-suicide bid at Daytona Beach was also connected to a fatal car accident in Delray Beach in 2007. According to records found online. the 32-year-old has also lived in North Charleston, SC; Cross, SC; Williamston, SC and Oneonta, NY. She has a sister named Jessica Harrell and is also related to Joyce Wilkerson.