Earl Myatt and Mary Myatt – Husband and Disabled Wife Who stood in Front of Speeding Train




A heartbreaking story, Earl and  his wife of 42-years, Mary Myatt decided to take their own life over the weekend putting a new meaning to “till death do us part”. Some will try to judge others will try to understand them and stay quiet. Here is their story.


They certainly had a tragic ending to a life full of love, but as described by their son Brad Myatt, when his father Earl learned his beloved wife wasn’t being herself due to an illness he became depressed, her suffering was his suffering too. Earl and Mary had two sons, first Bryan and second Brad.

Earl and Mary Myatt, of Oneida, were hardworking parents who doted on their children and then their grandchildren. He loved to golf. She loved to fish and make sandcastles at Verona Beach.


Their son Brad attended Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Central and is a father of his own, married to Kristin Sterling Myatt, they have two children.


The Myatt’s, both had jobs at Mohawk Valley Community College at the bookstore; Earl worked in Utica and Mary worked at the Rome campus.


In an interview to the media, Brad explains how his mother, Mary Myatt had a brain aneurysm in January, she spent a month in intensive care at Upstate University Hospital. Mary Myatt had multiple surgeries on her skull. The last was two weeks ago, before she ended her pain.

Unfortunately due to her condition, Mary Myatt wasn’t the person she had been before the aneurysm. She would start a conversation and get lost. She didn’t always understand what was happening around her. She struggled to use the bathroom on her own. She was frustrated but she never was alone, by her bedside was Mr. Myatt.

Even thought she received support and love from her friends she was having a hard time to recover, she posted the picture above to her Facebook last December and comments from loved ones included

“Awesome pic”

“That’s a good looking couple!”

“Great picture of you both!! Happy New Year!!”

On Sunday, as Mr. Myatt felt he was losing  “his everything” he called his son to say he loved him and that he was sorry, Brad said he knew something was wrong but his father then hanged up the phone. Earl who fell in love at 17, had taken his wife to the train tracks. Earl L. Myatt and his wife, Mary M. Myatt were both 59.


The couple were standing in the path of an eastbound CSX freight train at the intersection of Fox Road in Verona about 1:37 p.m. when they were struck and killed. According to news outlets, state police found a suicide note in Earl Myatt’s vehicle near the scene.