Dulce Arroyo- Sierra–Sarai Sierra’s Widower Steven Sierra’s New Wife


This is one of those sad stories with a happy ending. Meet 34-year-old Dulce Arroyo who recently became the new Ms. Sierra. It was last year when we heard about the tragic death of 33-year-old Sarai Sierra. She was killed by a fatal blow to the head during a trip to Istanbul, when a Turkish vagrant confessed that he was high on paint thinner when he bashed Sarai in the head with a rock for rejecting his sexual come-on.

The mother-of-two was married to Steven Sierra. When Sarai Sierra, who was allegedly cheating on her husband failed to return home to NYC; late Sarai’s husband traveled to Turkey where the body of Sierra was found. Steven Sierra lost about 30 pounds. His emotional pains kept Sierra from eating or sleeping.

He searched the city for his wife along with law enforcements but to no avail.

A devastated husband returned home and delivered news of the killing to his sons, Silas and Sion.sarai-sierra

But a year has ran its course and the future is looking very bright for Mr. Sierra. He has found new hopes and new love.

Accroding to the NYDailynews Dulce Arroyo and Sarai, the same age, were friends going back to their youth. It took one visit to offer clothes for the kids for her and Steven to began a close relationship which turned into a strong bond.

Dulce and Sarai met as school girls in the Stapleton area of Staten Island. Dulce’s mother worked at a high school at Sarai’s church, Christian Pentecostal Church — later host to Sarai’s wedding and funeral. They grew close after chatting at the International Christian Church in 2002, shortly after Sarai married Steven Sierra.

After a year-long-journey 41-year-old Steven asked Dulce

‘Are you ready for this?’ And she said immediately with no hesitation said, ‘It would be an honor to raise the sons of my friend Sarai.

Dulce’s son, Angel, was one year older than Sarai’s son Sion, and over the years Dulce donated Angel’s outgrown outfits to Sarai’s two boys. They spoke occasionally, and Sarai lamented to Steven that she wished they could spend more time together.
During the hard moments following Sarai’s funeral, Dulce got a hold of Steven’s number to offer some of her son’s clothes. The next night, they met to watch a movie with their kids. Dulce soon offered her baby-sitting services. The pair was soon dating.
The couple married on Jan. 23 in Staten Island. The mother of one; 13-year-old son Angel now sees Sarai’s family as her own. She has a brother named, Peter and is also related to Mona, Federico and Aida Arroyo.