Drew Christy & Alec Christy: Florida Brothers and Survivors Contestants

Drew Christy Alec Christy Survivor

This new season of Survivor called Survivor San Juan del Sur is all about relationships, the contestants are either in a relationship or are family, like our boys Drew Christy & Alec Christy the handsome brothers from Winter Park, Florida. Check them out!

Drew Christy survivor picture

Drew Christy is the older brother, at 25 (b. October 4, 1988) this adventurous, spontaneous and goofball hunk works as a traveling sales representative in his family business. Drew said in order to survive he need a survival knife, a jam box and butane gas.

Besides selling traveling deals, Drew Christy is a model.

Drew Christy modeling photosDrew Christy modeling picDrew Christy modeling pics
Drew Christy modeling picture
Drew Christy modeling picturesDrew Christy modeling-pic
Drew Christy modeling-pics
Drew Christy modeling photo

Drew has been watching Survivor for as long as he can remember, he always thought about what it would be like to be in the show, now that he is he said the whole experience is worth more than a million dollars to him.

But does he have what it takes to win Survivor?

He think he does..

“I am emotionally and physically strong, I am likeable, manipulative and a winner.”

It’s going to be an experience we can look back and remember forever. Win or lose I’m proud of my brother.”

So what about that brother Drew said he is always proud of?

Alec Christy Survivor bio

The young, charismatic and outgoing Alec Christy, 22, standing at 6’0” is the youngest contestant on the competition he was born on May 30, 1992, he is currently a student at Florida Coast University said he is in to win the million dollars, in order to survive he needs his lacrosse stick,  his watch and why not a Playboy Magazine, Aww.. to be young college guy!!

Alec Christy Survivor photosAlec Christy Survivor-pic

In his spare time Alec likes to go fishing, goes surfing and plays lacrosse, he said that he knows he can win Survivor because not just he is fearless, but he is smart, determined, fit and has the skills to win it.

“Playing Survivor with Drew is awesome because we are very competitive, so it will be exciting to see who can last longer. Sharing this experience is going to be incredible as we both compete against one another and support each other at the same time. It’s going to be interesting to play a game where it could literally go either way, and you never know who will go further in it.”

Where these amazing and supernaturally good looking genes comes from?

Well, their mom and dad are one good looking couple and they are not the only good looking children in the Christy household, check out sister Allison, she is a dancer at FGCU.

Drew Christy Alec Christy family

Drew Christy Alec Christy sister

You can find Drew on face book here and Alec here