Who is Director of the Secret Service Julia Pierson’s Husband?


Julia Pierson, 55, the former chief of staff of the Secret Service, was named as the new director of the organization last year. She made history as the first woman to serve as the Secret Service Director; and even thought she has an outstanding resume, many assignments carried impeccably and many who back her up, one single mistake can be all that people will remember about you.

Miss or Mrs. Julia, we are not sure on her current status, definitely is not having a good day, probably will not have a good week or month, the point is this accounts for a big stain on her sheet; it all depends on U.S. lawmakers and how hard they will go on her.

She was scolded today over a security breach earlier this month, that allowed a knife-wielding intruder to run deep into the White House, and Director Pierson promised to make changes to agency procedures to ensure it would never happen again.


Pierson joined the agency out of college in 1983, which makes her a 30-Year Veteran of the Secret Service.

Former Director Mark Sullivan said of Pierson’s:

I have known and worked with Julie for close to thirty years. She was an excellent Assistant Director and Chief of Staff, demonstrating sound judgment, leadership, character, and commitment to our Country, the men and women of the U.S. Secret Service and those we serve and protect. This is a historic and exciting time for the Secret Service and I know Julie will do an outstanding job.

Pierson’s previous role was to protect the President and on 9/11 she he was responsible for the security all Presidents on that day. George W. Bush was in a school in Florida, and all other former presidents were accounted for by Pierson.

Her homeland security profile says only nice things about her, such as extensive knowledge of agency stems from her leadership of high impact initiatives in both aspects of its core mission of protection and investigations along with her skills in strategic planning, risk management, human capital management, program management and budget development and execution.

It also recollects Ms. Pierson’s previous positions as a a police officer in Orlando, special agent in the Secret Service, Assistant Special Agent in Charge in the Tampa Field Office, Deputy Assistant Director in the Office of Protective Operations, Assistant Director of the Office of Human Resources and Training; in which all of them she has excelled.

She attended University of Central Florida and The George Washington University time in which we assumed she met some special guy and got married and had children. Records online show she is related to 59-year-old Richard Pierson and 27-year-old Elizabeth Pierson. Husband and daughter perhaps? We cant say for sure, it’s clear she is good with security and privacy stuff; but we do hope she’s got someone special to face the hard times at work!

What do you think of her mess-up?