Diones Espinal-man who stabbed girlfriend to death in the Bronx


A man named Diones Espinal, 31, chased down his ex-girlfriend who was a passenger in a Honda Pilot that was being driven by a 28-year-old man, he made their vehicle spin out of control and then proceeded to viciously stabbed his ex and mother of his baby daughter!

The 31-year-old appeared in Bronx Criminal Court today at his arraignment on murder charges. He and Katherine German became parents last month but the couple was having major problems.

German’s mother, Fernanda Rivera, said that the relationship between her daughter and the suspect was plagued by distrust and abuse. She said

“He hit her, he send her to the hospital,” “Very jealous. All the time, he was following her, where she going, where she’s talking. It was everything in her phone, everything that she’s got to do, he was knowing it.”

According to prosecutors Espinal had been arrested in May for brutally beating German during an argument, German received an order of protection against Espinal after his arrest.

On Wednesday when everything went down Espinal who was a driver for a car service company and was working at the time of the incident, stalked his former girl and mother of his child and after he spotted her leaving a Bronx motel with Jose Jimenez he proceeded to ran the couple off the road on the New England Thruway. The man who was clearly overtaken with raged then stepped down walked over, and stabbed her repeatedly in the head, neck and body, according to court documents.

Diones’ victim had no way out but everything was witnessed by her male companion who probably was still affected by the commotion and couldn’t to anything but to watch how she was brutally killed.

Fellow cabbies who worked with Espinal at Kiss Car Service in the Bronx say the brutal slaying has them speechless, a secretary at Kiss Car Service said:

“It’s a huge surprise. I deal with him once a week” “He’s not the kind of person you expect to do something like this. I’m totally shocked.”

Espinal’s attorney entered a not guilty plea for murdering girlfriend Katherine German. He was driving a green borough taxi and his license has been suspended.

His daughter Audrey, was born on July 24.