Devar Hurd- Singer Ashanti’s Crazy Stalker


Back in trouble! Is 35-year-old Devar Hurd for violating orders of protection! The man who was first convicted on 2009 for sending pictures of his crotch to R&B singer Ashanti, insisted the tweets that prompted his latest arrest were harmless!

Hurd is a celebrity by himself now, we first heard about the guy’s obsession with the singer in 2009. He got some jail time in 2010 when his crude fantasies about Ashanti were unleashed in a battery of text messages to her mother, Tina Douglas! Devar Hurd said at the time he didn’t mean to annoy or alarm the Grammy Award-winning R&B singer and her family when he sent the messages.

He testified that he felt he had to meet the singer after they made eye contact at a concert in Chicago in 2003. Somehow he got her mother’s phone number and began leaving long voice mails for both of them. He eventually started leaving sexually explicit text messages and sending photos of himself masturbating.

Described as a wanna-be rapper from Griffith, Ind., He never raise any psychiatric issues during his trial, where he gave jurors a lengthy account of what he described as a friendship and brewing business relationship with Douglas.



After Hurd was convicted, doctors diagnosed him as having a delusional disorder. He was given the maximum possible sentence for the misdemeanor offenses and court orders were to mental-health treatment but the efforts were unsuccessful, in part because Hurd had nowhere to live in New York.

Hurd who got out of jail in Novemeber 2010 was at it again! He was indicted last July for sending the singer more than 100 “sexually explicit” tweets, prosecutors said. He even twitted

“Yeah, it’s me, the falsely accused stalker,”

The self-titled model, music executive and car salesman who is currently back in court was surprised when his Manhattan judge did not know what twitter was, saying

“You said you don’t know what Twitter is!”

Seems like the pervert didn’t learn his lesson! He is being held in lieu of $750,000 bail.