Debbie Wanner Pennsylvania Chemist in Survivor

Meet Debbie Wanner

Debbie Wanner is a Reading, Penn. resident who is currently competing on season 32 of Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

The 49-year-old owns a very accomplished resume but can that be enough to crown her the next Survivor? Wanner was placed in Brains tribe vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. She reveals on her CBS bio that her vast experience in the personal and working environment will sure give her an edge with survival aspects that are sure to come up on the show.

Debbie Wanner has military training in summer and winter survival. She can build a shelter, make a fire, has been trained in food procurement, torture training and says she has a “superior will to survive.”

And why? Because she is a Squadron 811 Captain and Communication Officer for the Civil Air Patrol and a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Air Force Auxiliary.

At the same time, Debbie Wanner says she pares her skills with good manners and charm, saying

“am pleasant company.” However she also warns, that doesn’t mean she won’t scramble her opponent’s brains, proclaiming “I’ll give up, let go, surrender- when I’m dead!”

Debbie Wanner is sure proud of her achievements. She is the first in her family to graduate college. According to her LinkedIn, she attended Kutztown University of Pennsylvania from 1993-1995 with a BS, Environmental Science/Chemistry. She also completed five MBA classes at Alvernia College.

In the past she has worked with Lucent Technologies, as a Manufacturing Supervisor and where she supervised over 40 union staff in the production of lithium niobate wafer fabrication. She moved on to  Blue Marsh Laboratories as a Quality Control Manager and also worked at SILICON CERT LABORATORIES as an electronic counterfeit detection analyst. Most recently, she began working at Judson A. Smith in 2014.


Accoridng to her summary, she is an experienced analytical chemist/environmental scientist. Skilled in analytical chemistry and analytical procedures. Competent in electronics analysis and manufacturing. Accoridng to her social media info, her hometown is listed as Kenhorst, Pennsylvania.

Other facts that will sure come in handy for Debbie Wanner include being a fitness trainer and former aerobics instructor trained in conventional gym equipment.

Debbie who is a mother of two daughters, also enjoys running with her Boston Terrier, Spanky. Debbie Wanner is also a member of the Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue organization.

When she’s not doing all of the other stuff she’s good at, she likes to learn about motorcycles, German cars, airplanes and boats.

She definitely has a chance huh!

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