Danielle Lombard Cali Business Owner/ The Bachelor 21 cast

Danielle Lombard

Danielle Lombard is a stunning 27-year-old woman from Los Angeles who was casted on season 21 of The Bachelor, starring the handsome, Nick Viall.

Ready to meet miss Lombard? The lovely lady told ABC, she is a hopeless romantic with her favorite movie selection being A Walk to Remember, Love Actually, The Notebook.

But don’t be fooled by her sweet face, Danielle Lombard also has a wild side. The 27-year-old has three tattoos, being a lotus on the back of her neck and two butterflies –one on the back of each ankle.

The 5’5″ California native is a small business owner and she would like to be a fox, if she could be an animal that is. In case you wondered just who Danielle admires in life, and though she would say some family member, you were wrong. The smiley gal said her hero is Chrissy Teigen, why? because ‘she’s gorgeous, strong willed, and unapologetically herself.’

When it comes to outrageous things she’s done, she listed the time she ‘climbed up on a cliff and swung from a rope on top of a waterfall jumping into the water.’

Lombard calls listening to Glee Soundtracks, the most embarrassing thing she’s ever listened to.


Danielle opened her own business at 23, and that is the thing she’s most proud of.

Danielle Lo, her nickname, sells ice cream and does a lot of bikini and lingerie modeling. She also does club promotions. Lombard was Miss HIN 2016 (Hot Import Lights).

Armed with a killer dress and her smile, Danielle Lombard wowed Nick on episode one, many believe she will make it to the very end.


Lombard is active on social media, with many of her posts depicting a well grounded young lady. She seems to have a close group of friends but is most close to her sister, calling her, her real mvp.

The gorgeous woman, that can easily be found online, was also part of an online show called Roll Models, which followed the lives of import models and go go dancers in Orange County.

Accoridng to her LinkedIn, her ice cream joint is called Crafts Creamery. The lovely entrepreneur is also listed as chief business development officer for Champagne Nail bar.

Check out the ambitious Danielle Lombard on Instagram here.