Dan Greiner: Shark Tank Star Lori Greiner’s Husband


Meet Daniel Greiner, Shark Tanks’ star Lori’ Greiner’s husband! Although virtually unknown we did find out some things about him. Dan manages the finances of For Your Ease Only.  According to his LinkedIn he was an assistant controller at the former Bell & Howell Co. before he joined his wife in business.


Lori a.k.a “the warm blooded shark” says Dan, is not an inventor. Nor is he a risk taker; but he was the person who believed in her from the beginning. Smart fella if you ask us!

Dan and Lori met at the Lincoln Park bar Kincaid’s, now own two homes, one in Philly near the QVC studio, and another in Chicago, where her products are shipped.


The blonde credits her husband and partner Dan as an important asset in her company. Dan is the specialist who handles the parts, the shipping and packaging, and the inventory and accounting issues to make a business that carries some 112 products work so smoothly while it’s accomplishing such meteoric success.


Not much else is known about Dan, Lori sure loves privacy and doesn’t feel the need to give the media every bit of her information. The couple have no children.

Don’t miss Dan’s wife on a new episode of Shark Tank tonight!