Dakota Lohan – Lindsay Lohan’s brother

Meet Dakota Lohan

Dakota Lohan is a male model, currently making a splash, but if his last name rings a bell then yes, he is also the younger brother of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan.

Dakota Lohan is making his own mark in the entertainment industry, most recently as a hot model. Dakota Lohan was born, Dakota Wyatt Lohan on June 16, 1996 in New York City; he goes by his nickname, Cody. He is the youngest son of Dina and Michale Lohan, siblings include, Lindsay, Ali, and Michael Lohan Jr.

Dakota Lohan also has two half brothers: Landon and Logan Lohan, through his father’s second marriage to Kate Major; and a half sister, Ashley Kaufmann Horn, product of his father’s relationship with massage therapist, Kristi Kaufmann Horn.


Dakota Lohan previously appeared on the E! reality show Living Lohan , which chronicled his sister Ali’s attempt to follow Lindsay’s footsteps, while their mom Dina also acted as her manager. While Living Lohan primarily revolved around this venture, other members of the family, such as Cody, were also given some airtime. The show followed the Lohans from their Long Island residence to wherever Ali’s dreams may take them.

Growing up, Dakota showed an interest not for acting unlike his siblings, but for soccer. As a child, he did some modeling as part of Ford Modeling Agency.


But now, the hot 19-year-old seems to be taking his modeling career a bit more serious. According to TMZ he just signed a contract with IMG Models.

Lindsay is all about being supportive of her baby bro, she posted a couple of snaps of Cody earlier this year and said: “Yep! That’s my brother @codylohan soon My mommy will bring him to @imgmodels like she did with me @fordmodels @fordmodelsscout #nyc @dinalohan”

The brother sister duo, seems to get a long just fine, three years ago, he kept Lindsay company while attending Coachella.

Lohan joins the ranks of other celeb siblings who pursued modeling, including Ireland Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Kaia and Presley Gerber, and the list goes on.

Dakota attended St.Anthony’s High School in South Huntington, New York. His hobbies include surfing and playing soccer.

To the heartbreak of many, Dakota Lohan has a girlfriend. He has been in a relationship with a girl named, Taylor Iacono for some time. The pair met while attending high school. He often posts pictures of her on Instagram and Taylor is also a soccer player.

You can check out Dakota Lohan on Instagram here.