Corey Epstein- Jerseylicious Star Tracy DiMarco’s Husband

Tracy DiMarco husband Corey Epstein

Tracy DiMarco is one of the sassy hair stylist you all saw at E!’s reality show Jerseylicious, DiMarco’s hubby Corey Epstein is on thin ice as he is one of 21 people busted in recent days as part of “Silent Hill,” a 16-month probe.

According to New York Daily News Corey Epstein has been accused of selling Oxycodone, he was busted after he sold Oxycodone pills  it to an undercover on January 2nd. at his home. hopefully he  still has some of those $900.000 judgment he got for the injuries he received when he tried to break up a fight between two ladies at a Tribeca bar.

Or maybe he won’t need to use that money, Tracy spoke on her hubby’s defense and said Corey was not part of the Silent  Hill probe.

“I’m happy Donovan is trying to get everything cleared up and drugs off the street I’ve never done and never will do any sort of drug I don’t even smoke cigarettes or weed . I’m very straight edged & I am supportive of what he’s trying to do however I don’t think Corey’s face and name should be splashed across the magazines tabloids & newspapers just bc he’s on a show it makes him look like he ran a cartel or something it’s INSANE !!” she wrote on Instagram earlier today.

“we are not part of that … at least 19 people were indited n were sent to rikers and yet Corey’s name n pic is the only one being used and he was let go that day – they’re using the jerseylicious name to make this a publicity rant,” she added.

Jewish/ Russian 23-year-old Corey Matthew Epstein was born in Brooklyn, NY on March 8th, 1990 in Staten Island, he graduated in 2008 from Michael J. Petrides high School in New York, Corey was a promising and talented baseball player when he was in high school.

Check his bio courtesy of the Perfect Game

“Corey Epstein is a 2008 3B/P/IF from Petrides HS in Staten Island, New York, with a lean and athletic 5’10″/155 pound frame. Hits from a slightly closed stance, high hands, quick hands, solid power, line drive swing plane, solid range in IF, quick release at 75 mph, pitches from a low 3/4 arm slot, long and loose arm action, short 10-5 breaking CB at 65 mph, FB has arm side run at 76 mph, will go inside with FB”.

I dunno if continued to play baseball maybe he did, but he also became a dancer and since 2011 we became used to him, when he was introduce as Tracy’s new boyfriend on Jerseylicious, they were introduce by Tracy’s co-star Filipo, who first call Corey to be an extra on the show.

“it’s funny actually last year he told me there was an extra scene in Jerseylicious and I fit the profile. So I came down, as an extra, and met Tracy. She winded up having a boyfriend at the time and I had a girlfriend but we hit it off right away and became friends. We stayed friends for a year then it was my birthday and I was single. We hung out and been together ever since.” said Epstein.

Even though Corey is a dancer, and the owner of a DJ company baseball remained  close to his heart,

Corey Epstein baseball photoCorey Epstein baseball pic

he still plays from time to time and would have been a terrific player when he was drafted in the minor leagues, but unfortunately his dreams fade away when he tore his ACL.

Tracy DiMarco Corey Epstein wedding pic'

Tracy DiMarco Corey Epstein wedding pictureTracy DiMarco Corey Epstein wedding picsTracy DiMarco Corey Epstein wedding pictures
Tracy DiMarco Corey Epstein wedding photo

Tracy and Corey got married on August 30th, 2013 at Nanina’s in the Park in New Jersey.

You can find Corey Epstein on Facebook here, Twitter here and Instagram here.

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